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Why A Thorough Vein Exam Matters

What is a Vein Exam? A vein exam is a screening performed by a vein specialist to assess the health of your veins and how at-risk you are for developing venous diseases or related conditions. It is a relatively simple

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Not All Sclerotherapy Is Created Equal!

As we age, unwanted problem veins can begin to develop across the body. Though for many patients these might be considered a mere cosmetic issue, if left untreated varicose or spider veins can also result in pain, discomfort, aching or

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Vein Treatment Myths

Myths about vein treatment

Myth #1: Varicose Veins are a sign of old age.Truth: The most common factor for determining whether you will develop varicose veins is heredity, not age. If one parent has varicose veins there’s a 40% chance that you will too.

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Compression Stockings

WHO SHOULD WEAR THEM?  If you have varicose or spider veins. If you are going on a long plane or auto trip. If your legs feel heavy and tired. If your legs swell frequently. If you stand or sit for

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Large Blue Veins Near The Eye

The skin under your eyes is the most delicate area on the body. Since the skin is thin and highly prone to damage, it is often the first area to develop visible veins as you age. These unsightly blue lines

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Spider Veins on Your Face: Oh no!!

Legs aren’t the only place that spider veins can turn up. Spider veins on the face can appear on the nose, cheeks and chin. Their technical name is telangiectasia – a difficult name to pronounce and unfortunately a difficult thing

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Treating Hands For Signs Of Aging

Are your hands giving away your age? Are you spending long hours at the gym and a small fortune on anti-aging skin creams to stay looking youthful? But if you’re not taking care of your hands, you’re still spilling the

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