Not All Sclerotherapy Is Created Equal!

sclerotherapy patientAs we age, unwanted problem veins can begin to develop across the body. Though for many patients these might be considered a mere cosmetic issue, if left untreated varicose or spider veins can also result in pain, discomfort, aching or tenderness in the affected limb. Sclerotherapy is a treatment designed to correct these effects by eliminating the problem vein from the body. This procedure involves injecting blood vessels with a solution known as a sclerosant, which causes the targeted vein to shrivel up and the body to absorb it without harming the rest of the body or surrounding tissue.

A typical sclerotherapy treatment involves the use of extremely fine needles to deliver the sclerosant, and the procedure usually does not result in significant downtime. While sclerotherapy is considered the gold standard for addressing most varicose and spider veins, the success of this treatment will depend on various factors, including the quality and type of solution used, the technique of the physician, the anatomy of the particular vein treated, and the patient’s general health. Despite the fact that many practices offer sclerotherapy treatments, it remains absolutely crucial that you choose the right vein specialist to perform your procedure.

It’s Not Apples to Apples

Sclerotherapy is considered by some to be an “easy” procedure, which is why many doctors perform it without first becoming a vein specialist. However, many patients often find that even after being treated by these providers, their spider veins return very quickly, necessitating more follow-up treatments. This normally happens because many practitioners simply address vein issues on a superficial level, targeting only the problem vein they can see. Because spider or varicose veins are often the result of issues that have developed in an underlying vein, merely treating the surface level will not result in better overall vein health, nor a desirable cosmetic result in the long run. Treating the feeder vein below the surface is what will create a much better result.

Before your treatment at California Vein Specialists, you will undergo a thorough vein screening, which allows us to identify the root of the problem, understand why it’s occuring, and determine which treatment will most effectively address the issue. Our American Board of Phlebology certified Vein Specialists Dr. Leary or Dr. O’ Bryne will ensure that your treatment plan is targeted to ensure you achieve the best possible results.

Our Vein Specialists Have a Wealth of Treatment Experience

When performed correctly, sclerotherapy is a safe and effective procedure that can successfully ablate unwanted varicose or spider veins from various areas of the body. The treatment has been praised for its efficient, relatively painless technique and its capacity to produce transformative results for patients suffering from uncomfortable or unsettling vein conditions. Drawing on extensive education, training, and experience, Dr. Leary and Dr. O’ Byrne have performed various sclerotherapy treatments to the satisfaction of countless patients, including doctors, professional athletes, and celebrities.

Our care goes beyond just delivering treatments; we place great emphasis on developing relationships with our patients to provide the highest quality care and deliver personalized results. Drawing on years of experience working with various vein conditions and diseases, our Vein Specialists will tailor treatment plans according to the needs, concerns and body health of each patient. Beyond the procedure, they are committed to improving the long-term vein health of our patients while helping to restore confidence in their appearance. It is this high-quality professional care and commitment, combined with their proven skill and expertise, that establishes our doctors as Orange County’s leading vein specialists.

Maintaining Good Vein Health

Whether treating varicose or spider veins or more severe conditions, sclerotherapy is often the first step many patients take to improving their vein health. Beyond this treatment, we advocate the importance of maintaining good vein health, as this is vital for your healthy bodily function. Veins are responsible for carrying blood from various parts of the body back to the heart, so undergoing an in-depth examination is essential if you are concerned about the appearance or health of your veins. It can be difficult to understand why your veins may be causing pain or discomfort, especially if you are relying on information provided by the internet instead of a qualified professional.

Dr. Leary and Dr. O’ Byrne can not only address your concerns but also help you understand why you might be experiencing such symptoms and how you can actively improve your vein condition. We encourage you to undergo a vein exam with us so that we can address your concerns and help you feel more confident about your vein health. At California Vein Specialists, we treat all our patients with your long-term health in mind, providing you with all the information you need to maintain good vein health even after your treatments are completed.

Trust the Doctors that Train Other Doctors

As the leading specialist in his profession, Dr. Leary has been trusted with the training of many new doctors entering into vein health and treatment. His extensive training in venous disease and expert knowledge in vein health has established his California practice as a national physician training center. Dr. Leary takes pride in passing on his knowledge and experience to aspiring doctors who wish to help patients achieve better vein health. Likewise, Dr. O’ Byrne serves as an expert clinical evaluator for the California Medical Board, and is also an Associate Professor of Medicine at UCSD.

Our Vein Specialists have helped countless patients work through their vein conditions and concerns. We will address and resolve the issue at its root after determining the actual cause of the problem, and give you the necessary tools and information to maintain good vein health after your treatment. The veins play a crucial role in our body’s function and should be treated with the highest quality care and expertise. If your veins are causing you concern, don’t settle for superficial treatment. Schedule a vein exam at our Newport Beach office by filling out our online form, or calling us at 949-515-9377 today.

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