About Veinwave

Vein wave has been available in Europe for over ten years; the FDA has recently approved the Vein Wave for use in the USA. It was developed to treat the small fine spider veins that are resistant to sclerotherapy, using radiofrequency. Although microsclerotherapy is still the gold standard to treat spider veins, Vein wave is an excellent adjunct to these treatments, and especially when treating veins less than .3 mm. The vein wave also has an excellent track record for treating facial veins and nasal capillaries, and may become the new gold standard for treating facial veins. Vein wave produces it effect by thermocoagulation. It is generally very well tolerated without the need for topical anesthesia. It has an excellent safety profile; it can be used on the foot, ankle and areas inaccessible to sclerotherapy. Laser and intense pulse light systems have not been very effective and are often times dangerous. We now have a new way to treat the smallest veins on your body! I am very excited to introduce this new treatment modality to our practice.

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