Jen’s Patient Journey

Jen is a true Southern California native. She works in sales, loves beaches, sports, her family and friends — it would be hard to find someone who embodies what life is like in the Golden State more than her. But an active lifestyle in sunny SoCal comes with its fair share of cosmetic risks. 

There is nothing better than spending an afternoon near the shore on a sunny day or taking a bike ride down to the pier. But while you are soaking in the sun, your skin is working overtime to help repair and mitigate the damage from UV exposure. 

Jen, like so many of us, started to notice the effects of that exposure and the natural aging process as she moved into her early 40s. 

“A few years ago, I remember waking up and noticing the veins on my nose became more visible literally overnight. I thought it was from wearing my glasses often, but it turns out that was not the case,” Jen recalls.

In addition to facial veins, Jen had also developed noticeable forehead lines and crow’s feet on her eyes — two of the most common signs of aging, and two signs that are exacerbated by the perfect California lifestyle.

Getting the Referral

For a few years, Jen researched and considered the idea of having treatments for these cosmetic concerns, but it wasn’t until a friend recommended California Vein Specialists that she decided to pull the trigger. 

“I researched several facilities that offered these kinds of services I needed,” Jen says. “I prefer making decisions when I receive referrals from friends or colleagues who have had positive results.”

Her friend had received similar treatment from California Vein Specialists and was thrilled with the results the practice provided, which should come as no surprise since the first thing they mention in their bio is their commitment to high-quality patient care. 

Scheduling a Consult

After hearing about her friend’s experience, she decided to give California Vein Specialists a call to set up an appointment. She met with the team and let them know what she was hoping to achieve from treatment.  

“The main goal was to feel confident when I was wearing little to no makeup,” Jen says. “ I wanted a smoother look as well.”

Jen said there were many times in the year before her treatment that she would feel self-conscious about going out into social situations. 

Eventually, the team spoke with Jen, learned about her goals and how she wanted to feel good about herself when she went outside and helped her decide on two treatments that were designed to address her specific concerns: Botox and Veinwave. 

This pair of treatments was particularly useful for Jen, who had a very specific set of concerns that could be precisely targeted. Botox and similar treatments are minimally invasive injectables that can be used to smooth and prevent the development of fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

Throughout 2020, despite the impact of COVID-19, 4.4 million Botox injections were performed throughout the United States, according to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons. 

Jen was only one of the countless number of people last year who were able to improve their crow’s feet, forehead lines and other fine lines and wrinkles throughout the face. 

Her other concern (noticeable veins on her nasal area known as spider veins) was also an easy fix for California Vein Specialists. Veinwave is a treatment that targets smaller spider veins that are resistant to treatments like sclerotherapy. 

Getting Treatments

The experience of getting cosmetic treatment performed begins a lot sooner than when you are sitting and having the procedure performed. It can be intimidating and nerve-wracking to begin cosmetic treatment for the first time. It’s important that your team makes you feel at ease. 

“I felt a warm welcome the moment I walked in the door,” Jen remembers. “The staff was friendly and organized. I was nervous about these procedures and Mitra was wonderful at making me feel at ease.”

Mitra is a Registered Nurse who works at California Vein Specialists. She takes care of many of the procedures performed at the practice and has a wealth of experience and expertise in anti-aging and vein treatment. 

The way Jen felt during her visit wasn’t a coincidence. Mitra, like all the staff at California Vein Specialists, is intentional about making their clients feel comfortable. 

“I always like to greet my patients with a smile when they come to see me,” Mitra said. “I love to have meaningful conversations and connect with each patient on a personal level.”

Botox and Veinwave are fairly straightforward procedures. It begins with one of the medical professionals cleaning the area that is going to be treated. Then, Botox injections are administered into pinpoint areas of the face.

The location of the injections that Jen received is exceedingly important. Botox works by blocking the signals that the brain sends to a muscle group. In her case, the muscles near the eyes and forehead that cause forehead lines and crow’s feet were the targeted groups. 

Jen’s nasal veins were addressed through Veinwave, a highly targeted radiofrequency treatment that can handle veins less than .3 mm wide — a size often missed by standard vein treatment systems. Through multiple pulses of RF energy, Jen’s veins collapse from the inside, removing their appearance and rerouting blood flow to healthier veins. 

“Mitra was very gentle and made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process,” Jen says. “She even helped me put my nose ring back in as I would have not been able to do it on my own!”


Many people believe that all aesthetic treatments require a long recovery and time away from work and other responsibilities. While this is true for surgical procedures, minimally invasive options like Veinwave and Botox don’t follow the same rules.

“There is not much to tell about the recovery process,” Jen says. “I was a little sore from the Botox and had a small amount of scabbing and redness from vein work, but otherwise, it was a breeze!”

Jen’s experience is pretty typical — most minimally invasive procedures don’t need more than a couple of days to have most of the recovery pass. 


Everyone has a reason why they are seeking cosmetic treatment. For Jen, feeling confident in her appearance — even when she wasn’t wearing makeup — was important to her. 

Luckily, Jen has achieved her goals — a few weeks ago, she found herself at an outdoor birthday dinner and was pleasantly surprised to notice her new appearance.

“I had pictures taken and when I looked at them, I was happy with the results,” Jen said. “I looked much better!” 


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