Vein Treatment Myths

Myths about vein treatment

Myth #1: Varicose Veins are a sign of old age.Truth: The most common factor for determining whether you will develop varicose veins is heredity, not age. If one parent has varicose veins there’s a 40% chance that you will too. If both parents have them then you are almost guaranteed to have them at some point in your life. The reason most patients discover them when they are older is due to the fact that they most likely developed them earlier in life and with time the disease has progressed and manifested itself visibly. The best advice is to be guided by symptoms not age.

Myth #2: Men are generally not at risk for developing varicose veins.

The reality is, while women are more likely to develop varicose veins, it’s estimated anywhere from about 25 to more than 40 percent of men will also have some type of varicose vein by age 60. Many people also think only women get spider veins. But men can also develop spider veins, and can benefit from sclerotherapy just as women do. Men have the advantage of having the veins covered by hair and therefore not being quite as noticeable.

Myth #3: Closing off veins will cause a circulatory problem.

Some patients assume closing off a large vein, as when treating a varicose vein in the legs, will create circulatory problems. The large varicose veins do not carry a significant amount of blood since they are not functioning properly. The blood that they were carrying back to the heart is re-routed through the remaining healthy veins.

Myth #4: Vein Treatments are too expensive to consider.

Cosmetic procedures are generally not covered by insurance and thus an out-of-pocket expense. However, because vein disease is real disease most of the cost is covered by insurance. Additionally, it is common for patients to come in for cosmetic procedures like spider vein treatment and discover that they have underlying vein disease.

If you have problem veins that are unattractive or causing discomfort, don’t let myths and misunderstandings keep you from getting help. A range of safe, simple and effective vein treatments are available, and that’s a fact!

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