Spider Veins on Your Face: Oh no!!

spider-vein-treatment-orange-countyLegs aren’t the only place that spider veins can turn up. Spider veins on the face can appear on the nose, cheeks and chin. Their technical name is telangiectasia – a difficult name to pronounce and unfortunately a difficult thing to cover up.

So how did this happen – One cause could be over exposure to the sun, especially for those with fair complexions. There can be a direct relationship between sun exposure and the appearance of facial spider veins. One more reason why applying sunscreen everyday is so important.

Other factors that come into play are heredity, aging and normal wear and tear of the skin. Those with high blood pressure can also have an increase in dilated capillaries.

What can be done to eliminate them? Here are some good options.

Vein Wave is very effective in getting rid of facial spider veins. It’s a relatively painless procedure with no risk of bruising or scarring. Veinwave uses a micro-needle that delivers high frequency energy into the blood vessels, causing heating and shrinkage of the veins without damaging the surrounding skin. The targeted blood vessels fade away over the course of a few weeks. There is little or no downtime with the Veinwave process, so you can go back to normal activities immediately following the treatment.

IPL Fotofacial is another option – this is a non-ablative light based treatment that seeks out specific targets on the skin including superficial blood vessels and broken capillaries. The concept of the IPL treatment is using the heat generated by the light pulses. The heat is able to penetrate the skin and affect the walls of the dilated vessels. The spider veins will gradually shrink.

Both of these methods may take several treatments. But they are a quick, easy way to get rid of those unsightly spider veins on your face.

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