Treating Hands For Signs Of Aging

hand vein treatment newport beachAre your hands giving away your age? Are you spending long hours at the gym and a small fortune on anti-aging skin creams to stay looking youthful? But if you’re not taking care of your hands, you’re still spilling the beans on how many candles will be burning on your next birthday cake.

Due to the skin on the back of your hands being much thinner than on your face, hands can age faster than the face. Even when there’s a small amount of collagen or elastin fibers that break down – it’s going to be very evident in your hands. Loss of fat, which happens with age, makes veins more visible.

Also hands are the most sun-exposed part of the body after the face and chest, but many women aren’t as attentive about protecting them. Sun exposure can cause brown spots, also known as liver spots.

Not painting a pretty picture, huh? Luckily, at California Vein Specialists we offer solutions for hand rejuvenation.

Here’s the 3 step process:

The first phase to rejuvenate your hands is to decrease bulging hand veins. These veins are normal but decreasing them is perfectly safe. Fortunately, the hand has plenty of venous return, and does very well when the veins are decreased. The hand veins respond very well to sclerotherapy, typically it takes 3 sessions.

The second phase is volume replacement. The loss of fat in the hand makes the bones and tendons more pronounced. A very simple way of returning volume to the back of the hands is to inject Radiesse, a common filler. Radiesse is highly malleable and once injected, is massaged into the grooves leaving a smooth, natural appearing surface that replaces the fat that has been lost. The Radiesse may last up to two years. Now your hands are vein free, the volume has been restored and they are looking much more youthful.

IPL FotoFacial
The third phase is to diminish the brown age spots. These are called actinic keratosis and have the potential to become skin cancer. Fortunately, these brown spots respond well to IPL treatments. IPL or FotoFacial treatments break up the pigment and restore the skin to a clear, spot free, youthful appearance.

At this point your hands will look beautiful. To keep your hands looking their best, be sure to apply a sunscreen daily with at least a 30 SPF.

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