Why do I need to wear Compression Stockings prior to a varicose vein procedure?

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Most insurance companies recognize venous disease as a necessary and covered medical expense. If you are experiencing any symptoms of venous disease it is worth finding out if your insurance provider will cover the cost of treatment. However, many insurance companies will require what is called “Conservative Measures” prior to approving a varicose vein procedure.

“Conservative Measures” is required by some insurance companies because the insurance wants to know that you have tried something to help with the problem before proceeding with any procedures. Compression stockings and other conservative measures such as leg elevation and minimizing prolonged periods of standing and sitting are ways to hopefully help your symptoms but they probably will not cure your venous disease. However, your insurance company may want you to try these measures for varying amounts of time prior to a varicose vein procedure. Some insurance companies want to document that you tried them for 6 weeks and others for 3 months.

Dr. Leary at California Vein Specialists will perform an in-office venous ultrasound test during your exam. If venous disease is detected, he will work with you to develop a conservative measures treatment plan which may include wearing compression stockings, elevating your legs and minimizing prolonged periods of standing or sitting.

We will contact your insurance with the necessary information to assist in getting approval for varicose vein procedures and find out what their specific conservative measure requirement is. The sooner you start the conservative measures therapy required by your insurance, the sooner you can be on your way to ridding yourself of varicose veins!

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