What is UltraShape?

ultrashape-ba-procedureUltrashape is a new technology that can reduce unwanted fat by 1-3 inches in 6 weeks. If you can pinch it we can treat it! It’s permanent, painless and superior to other methods of external fat reduction.

Before now, fat removal has almost always been a surgical treatment, requiring an expensive procedure, considerable discomfort and a lengthy recovery. We now have a new and exciting fat reduction option: UltraShape, a non-surgical solution to problem areas.

Ultrashape helps resolve unwanted fat that does not respond to traditional methods of diet and exercise. It helps contour the body for a slim, sleek silhouette by utilizing high-frequency ultrasound to target unwanted fat cells. The technology used is similar to that of ultrasound imaging used for pregnant women. The ultrasonic waves precisely target unwanted fat in a simple, controlled procedure. 3-D mapping is used to plan the treatment according to the patient’s needs, which allows for customization of the treatment and highly controlled results.

Common treatment areas include:

• Stomach
• Hips/love handles
• Inner and outer thighs
• Back fat
• Knee fat pads

How do I know if I’m a candidate for UltraShape?
Because UltraShape is intended for the purpose of treating problem areas, good candidates for the procedure are generally physically fit and have reached most of their weight goals. Healthy patients with reasonable expectations and stable weight are most likely to enjoy good results. Because the treatment is so gentle, these are the only real requirements for undergoing the procedure. By scheduling a exam at our office, we can discuss the procedure and have your candidacy assessed.

Call our office with any questions or if you would like to schedule your exam.

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