Veinwave (Facial Spider Vein Treatment) in Newport Beach

Veinwave has been available in Europe for over ten years. Now with the FDA approval of Veinwave, patients with unsightly spider veins and telangiectasia (small thread veins) are able to experience the great results that people in Europe have been enjoying for years. This revolutionary technique has been perfected by vein doctors for the treatment of these troublesome, smaller veins on obvious parts of the body such as the nose.

It used to be difficult to treat sensitive areas such as the face and nose. Until Veinwave, there was no totally effective and safe treatment for facial spider veins available. Laser treatments have been used but they are expensive, painful, can cause burns or scars and are of limited benefit for this type of vein.

Veinwave uses a high frequency energy to heat the veins, causing them to disappear instantly. A thin, insulated needle is used to deliver these waves. The ultra-fine needle allows for the extremely accurate application of the treatment, protecting the skin and tissue which helps in preventing scarring. Patients are able to see results immediately. While Veinwave does not cause bruising, patients may experience some redness or small marks that look like scratches that will disappear within a few days.

Unlike with other treatments, there is minimal pain and does not require bandages, so you are able to resume normal activity immediately following treatment. We are excited that we now have a new way to treat the smallest veins on the body.

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