Veins Around The Eyes

Those cosmetically unpleasant veins that run around the side and under (lateral) the eye can be treated. They can be treated by a few different techniques. The first is by a micro-phlebectomy. In this procedure a small area around the offending vein is injected with a local anesthetic. A small puncture is then made with a small 18 gauge needle which leaves no scar. A very small hook is then inserted through the small puncture and the vein is hooked, and then gently pulled out. Bruising in the form of a black eye is frequent after this procedure. Also it’s sometimes difficult to find the vein because of the very thin connective tissue. Laser is another procedure, but the veins are typically too big, and there is too much blood volume and risk of staining, and scarring. It is also risky to use a laser so close to the eye. This is the least acceptable way to treat an eye vein and I would discourage it.

In my experience I believe the safest, most effective way to get rid of these veins is with simple sclerotherapy. These veins respond very well to sclerotherapy and usually without much bruising. I have never had a patient with staining. The procedure is safe; these veins drain away from the eye, so there is no communication with the central retinal vein or the ophthalmic vein. These veins usually require a couple of sessions about three to four weeks apart. We tape cotton balls on the area for compression, and have you wear a head band for about twelve hours. Patients should avoid aspirin and other anti-inflammatories like Advil for seventy two hours prior to treatment. It is safe, simple, and normally not much downtime due to bruising.


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