Varicose Veins and Crossing Your Legs

Does crossing your legs cause varicose veins?Does crossing your legs cause varicose veins? A good question! Many people automatically cross their legs when taking a seat. Crossing your legs is a universal practice. It may be a habit or just a comfortable way of sitting. And of course, legs look attractive when they’re crossed over each other. But is this a good thing to do?

There is no evidence that crossing your legs causes varicose veins. Varicose veins are a common problem. However, there’s no reason to think the two are
related. It’s best to talk to a doctor about varicose veins if you feel you are atrisk. But the idea that leg crossing acts like a tourniquet is inaccurate. Any increase of pressure in veins from crossing your legs would be minimal. For this
reason, the habit of crossing your legs while seated won’t cause or worsen varicose veins.

However, standing for long periods can increase pressure on the veins and make the condition worse. For those whose jobs require standing for long periods, it’s best
to wear compression hose to help with these issues and to provide comfort to tired, achy legs.

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