spider vein treatment orange countySpider Veins are small, distorted blood vessels that are visible through the skin. They get their name from the spider web pattern they create. Spider veins plague up to 60% of the population. Anyone can get them but women are twice as susceptible as men. Spider veins become more prevalent with age especially when working in a profession where you are on your feet a lot. Other factors include pregnancy, obesity and a genetic predisposition to the disease.


Spider veins are easy to diagnose. Dr. Leary will be able to observe the pattern on your legs, feet and other affected areas. He’ll also check for skin discolorations, swelling, tender spots and ulcers. He will then advise the best treatment plan for your particular situation.


Sclerotherapy is the gold standard for eliminating spider veins. Dr. Leary will inject a sclerosant solution directly into the abnormal veins. The procedure requires a high degree of skill and specific training so it’s important to see someone such as Dr. Leary, who specializes in this treatment. After sclerotherapy, the spider veins generally disappear in three to six weeks.


Watch the video below to see the immediate effect of sclerotherapy.

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