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Horse chestnut Seed Extract for Chronic Venous insufficiency

A series of recent studies have found benefit in the ability of Escin, which is the active ingredient in Horse chestnut. Escin helps to reduce and lower the volume and symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency. Escin may work by lowering the amount of inflammation that is seen in patients with venous disease. Unfortunately, it will NOT prevent venous disease or make your varicose veins go away. But, it may be helpful in reducing some of the symptoms of the disease. To learn more about California Vein Specialists , search more topics and give us a call.

Do spider vein creams and pills really work?

No, there are no creams and pills that will get rid of spider veins. Be a skeptic. There are many companies that claim they have the newest technology with creams and/or pills that will get rid of spider veins. These claims are grossly exaggerated. Some even claim to cure venous disease with a pill, which is untrue. There are many misleading sites out there. Many sites claim to give unbiased reviews for procedures and products to educate the public. They then go on to hype their own particular pill or product. Don’t be mislead by these scams! It is best to get your information from

Spider Vein Cream

Claims of spider vein creams are grossly exaggerated! If there was a cream that made spider veins vanish- I would have it! It would be much better to use scientific technology to reduce the appearance of spider veins. Sclerotherapy is the gold standard! To schedule a exam with Dr. Leary at California Vein Specialists, call our office at 949-515-9377.

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