SINGLE USE FIBERS – Your Safety is Our Priority

At California Vein Specialists, we use Biolitec 1470 lasers and VNUS RF Ablation fibers to close unhealthy superficial veins. These are all SINGLE USE ONLY catheters and fibers, and unlike some centers that reuse their fibers on multiple patients after resterilizing, we do not.

Your safety is our priority.

Before the 1980’s almost all medical surgical equipment was able to be reused following strict sterilization protocols. But then after the appearance of the HIV virus and unfortunate infections from improperly sterilized equipment, single use equipment became the standard of care. This included all sorts of equipment from suture trays to laparoscopes.

Over the last few years, during this recession, reimbursement for endovenous procedures has been decreasing. This has forced some vein centers to begin reusing SINGLE USE ONLY FIBERS to help cut costs. Even though these devices may be sterilized, it opens the door for mistakes and contamination. This creates a potential risk of patient or user infections. Reprocessing and sterilization may also compromise the integrity of the device and lead to device failure. Contamination of the device may lead to injury, illness or even death of the patient.

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