Sclerotherapy – How Many Treatments will I need?

sclerotherapy newport beachIf you suffer from spider veins, sclerotherapy may be an optimal solution for you. Sclerotherapy is a vein injection treatment used to eliminate spider veins on the legs. The veins are injected with a concentrated solution using a very small needle resulting in only mild discomfort. The procedure causes the veins to gradually shrink and fade away. The treatment is safe and easy.

The number of needed to clear or improve the condition differs from patient to patient, depending on the extent of spider veins present. The majority of people who have sclerotherapy will have marked improvement after 2 -5 treatments. The average number is 3, some patients needing less while other may need more.

During a Sclerotherapy appointment, Dr. Leary goes after spider veins on all areas of the legs – top, bottom front and back. It is recommended to space the treatment 3 weeks apart for optimal results. The procedure will diminish or completely eliminate the treated veins.

Keep in mind that even though the existing spider veins are improved or eliminated, treatment cannot prevent new spider veins from developing. Those who are prone to the development of spider veins may need to return for future treatments if and when new spider veins appear. The development of new spider veins after treatment is highly individual and depends on your genetic predisposition, hormone levels and other factors.

With sclerotherapy available, there is no reason you can’t get rid of those spider veins to have the lovely legs you’ve always wanted.

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