How to Disguise Spider Veins

Many people who suffer from spider veins cover them up by making pants and long skirts the main items in their wardrobe. While there’s no arguing that those red, purple and blue squiggly leg veins are no fun to deal with, there are ways to disguise them without wearing head-to-toe clothing. If you long to show a little skin again, don’t despair. By using a few techniques, you can temporarily reduce the appearance of spider veins until you’re ready to start medical treatment which offers a more permanent way to get rid of unsightly spider veins.

Self-tanners can serve as a soft-focus light on your legs—blurring veins and making veins look less conspicuous. Body makeup can help cover veins and some are sweat resistant and offer sunscreen protection as an added bonus. Below are the steps for a combination of both methods to help cover up spider veins as much as possible.

sclerotherapy orange countyStep 1

Spread sunless tanning lotion over both of your legs using your hands to rub it in evenly. Allow the product to completely dry before getting dressed and wash your hands thoroughly after the application. Choose a light to medium tan color that won’t look obviously fake. Reapply the product once or twice per week to maintain the color and hide the veins.

Step 2

Apply body makeup that closely matches the color of your skin after you have applied the sunless tanner. Use your fingers or a makeup sponge to apply a light layer of the makeup over the entire portion of your leg that has the veins. Blend the edges of the makeup well using a dabbing motion so it matches the remainder of your skin.

Step 3

Insert a thin, eyeliner makeup brush into a bottle of waterproof concealer that is a shade slightly lighter than the body makeup. Apply the concealer to the veins in a thin line. Blend the concealer in by dabbing it lightly with your finger or a makeup sponge until you can no longer see the concealer or the veins.

Another product to try is an aerosol leg spray to cover spider veins. Use this by spraying into your hand first. Then, rub it in small circles over the veins using your fingers. Allow it to dry completely before getting dressed.

Remember – There is a very effective treatment called sclerotherapy which eliminates spider veins. This treatment will do away with going through the cumbersome steps of hiding spider veins when you want to wear something other than pants and long dresses.

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