How Can I Help Improve my Circulation?

There are a number of ways to improve your circulation. First, come see us for an evaluation. Dr. Leary will perform a painless ultrasound examination to check your venous structures and determine if there are any blockages or insufficiencies that might be slowing down your circulation. If vein disease is detected, he will discuss treatment options that can improve your blood flow.

Almost anyone can benefit from making lifestyle changes to strengthen venous tissues and improve circulation. Getting regular exercise, losing weight, quitting smoking, and wearing compression stockings are excellent for promoting overall health, as well as encouraging blood flow in your lower body. These conservative methods are typically advised as a first course of action, but sometimes they simply aren’t enough.

In more advanced cases, it may involve a minimally invasive procedure to treat the underlying vein disease. These procedures are highly effective and pain-free ways to restore adequate circulation in your legs and feet. Once the diseased veins are closed off, your body will naturally reroute blood flow into healthier leg veins.

To restore healthy circulation and regain your health and energy, call us to schedule a exam.

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