High Heels And Varicose Vein Causes

Even though high heels are extremely popular in Orange County, they are not stylish for your veins. If you are wearing a heel more than 1.5 inches high on a daily basis, your calf muscles will not be effectively pumping the blood out of your legs. You can test this out for yourself. Notice how the calf contracts when you walk in lower heels and then switch to high heels. The foot basically moves forward in high heels, and you won’t feel your calf contracting as you walk.

One thing you can do to help delay varicose veins is to keep the blood circulating in your legs. Imagine your calf muscles as the “heart” of your venous circulation. If you flex and point your foot enough to strongly contract the calf muscle, you will move one cup of blood out of the leg. You can also go up and down on your toes. You need to make your muscles work to effectively keep the blood circulating. It’s best to save the higher heels for special occasions!

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