Dr. Leary Trains Dr. Yang on New Minimally Invasive Procedures

dr leary trains other vein doctorsBecause Dr. Leary is the best in his profession, he isn’t just the doctor other doctors trust with their veins. He’s also the doctor they trust with their training!

He’s pictured here with Dr. Yang from China, who learned about new, safe and minimally invasive venous disease procedures from Dr. Leary last year. In China, vein stripping is still a common procedure for the treatment of varicose veins, and patients remain at risk of blood clots, infections, as well as a long and painful recovery period.

Dr. Yang has a vascular surgery hospital in Dalian, a beautiful, ancient port city east of Beijing, and will be opening another practice in Shenyang, the largest city of the northeast Liaoning province. He’s very excited to introduce Dr. Leary’s cutting edge and effective procedures to his patients. Dr. Yang has also invited Dr. Leary to China to train his physicians and perform some procedures at his hospital. Dr. Leary is looking forward to training these physicians, and introducing these life-changing procedures to China.

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