Advancements in Technology Revolutionizing Sclerotherapy in Orange County


Chances are you’ve heard about sclerotherapy, the most effective treatment to eliminate spider veins and reticular veins, which affect around 50 percent of women. During this procedure, Dr Leary injects a thin needle filled with a sudsing solution into unsightly veins, causing them to shrink and become reabsorbed by the body. Although this is completely safe, it can be uncomfortable for some people.
Cryotherapy Treatment Orange County California
Now, with the use of cryotherapy, which delivers cold air onto the skin as injections are administered, sclerotherapy has become an almost pain-free process. Our cryotherapy machine delivers short bursts of super-cooled air to numb the skin. The cold temperature is extremely effective as a topical numbing agent and also helps in reducing inflammation. This results in a more comfortable procedure, faster results and faster healing time.

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