Facial Veins

Unwanted Veins

Unwanted veins on the face are usually treated differently than those on the legs. Since the effects of gravity are not contributing to the formation of facial veins and capillaries, facial spider veins are generally smaller than those of the legs. It is therefore generally unnecessary to inject facial veins.

Facial veins are effectively treated with specialized light based procedures, including vascular laser treatments and broad spectrum pulse light treatments. The physicians at California Vein Specialists utilize a one mm spot size vascular laser to safely and effectively eliminate larger facial spider veins. Commonly treated areas include the nose, chin, and cheeks, as well as cherry red spots on the lips, chest, arms, and trunk. Because the treated area is only one millimeter per impulse, there is no unnecessary treatment of uninvolved surrounding skin, thus minimizing the occurrence of white spots due to hypopigmentation. Our effective laser treatment will usually eliminate facial veins in one or two treatments.

Aurora SR Treatments

Elos based technology is also used to effectively treat small vessel disease of the face, including troublesome rosacea. An easily tolerated series of Aurora SR treatments are highly effective in strikingly reducing unwanted facial veins and the associated symptoms of flushing. Additionally, the treatments remove superficial pigmented lesions while restoring shine, luster, and smoothness to the skin. The proprietary delivery of simultaneous light and radiofrequency energy causes the complexion to become more even and less blotchy while stimulating collagen production resulting in the reduction of fine lines and pore size.

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