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Revive Your Complexion with Non-Invasive Dermaplaning Exfoliation techniques are used to remove outer skin cells as well as debris that gets caught in the dermis to dull the complexion. When this layer is removed, the underlying skin cells produce a more vibrant, youthful appearance. Dermaplaning handles this process manually to shave away the surface cells as well as the fine hairs that often grow on the face, known as vellus hair or peach fuzz. Removal of the vellus hair allows your skin to reflect the light more effectively, giving you the healthy glow you want any time of year.

Benefits of Dermaplaning

There are a variety of reasons why dermaplaning might be the right procedure for you:

  • The non-invasive procedure allows you to be in and out of the office in under 30 minutes, with no residual effects of the treatment.
  • When performed by an experienced provider, dermaplaning is a safe process with few associated risks.
  • You achieve a healthy, radiant glow without discomfort or downtime.
  • Regular maintenance treatments can be scheduled to help you keep your positive results over an extended period.

We will assess your precise concerns and desired outcome to help you determine if dermaplaning offers the most efficient way to reach your cosmetic goals.

What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is an office procedure that uses a sterile surgical blade to gently brush the skin at a 45- degree angle to remove dead, dry skin cells, debris and light hair. As much as three weeks of build-up on the skin can be removed in a single 30-minute session. As the outermost layer is removed, skin cell regeneration is jump-started for a healthier look and feel to the skin. In addition, the process can stimulate some collagen production, which supports the underlying dermal structure for thicker, smoother skin.

Who should have dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a safe procedure for any skin tone and type and can even be the starting point for other procedures like chemical peels. However, patients with particularly sensitive skin or those that have never had either of these treatments before may want to stick with one treatment at a time to see how their skin responds before combining procedures. Those with active acne breakouts should not have this procedure since the exfoliation process may exacerbate the condition. The exfoliation benefits of dermaplaning prepare the skin for better absorption of topical solutions, allowing them to produce the best possible results.

What can it treat?

Dermaplaning is a popular treatment option because, like other exfoliating procedures, it produces a myriad of benefits in a single procedure. Some of the concerns addressed by dermaplaning include:

  • Subtle aging lines
  • Enlarged or clogged pores
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Rough, dry skin texture
  • Shallow scarring
  • Fine hair interfering with your smooth appearance

Results of a dermaplaning procedure are subtle; it won’t be obvious you just had a cosmetic procedure performed. However, you may have friends and family ask you if you have recently been on vacation or comment on your refreshed appearance!

About the Dermaplaning Procedure

Dermaplaning is a painless procedure performed without the need for anesthetic of any kind. You will lie in a comfortable position while we expertly hold your skin taut as we gently stroke the treatment area with the surgical blade. Depending on the amount of skin you want to be treated, most of these procedures take 30 minutes or less to complete. You may feel a tingling after treatment and your skin may be slightly pink. These are the only side effects usually seen after dermaplaning, and they should subside within an hour or two.

You should see positive results shortly after your dermaplaning treatment, as your skin will start to sport a healthy glow almost right away. The refreshed appearance may improve in the days following your procedure as new skin cells are generated and collagen production is boosted. Patients usually repeat the treatment every three weeks to one month to maintain their rejuvenated appearance.

The Importance of a Professional

Dermaplaning is a safe and painless procedure when it is performed by an experienced provider. While it may be tempting to attempt this treatment at home, the risk for complications is much higher and the results are rarely as satisfying as they are when the procedure is done by a professional. At our medspa, we are committed to ensuring all your treatments with us are both safe and effective, allowing you to meet and even exceed all your expectations. To schedule your dermaplaning treatment today, contact us at 800-650-8346.

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